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Conflict is normal in life, and is often painful and hard.
But amidst the pain and difficulty, there is also opportunity, and there is hope.

Turning Point Ministry Services (TPMS) serves the gospel of Jesus Christ by serving those who minister the gospel, whether individuals, couples, teams, churches, or Christian organisations.

TPMS brings Biblical principles, convictions and skill to conflict resolution and marriage reconciliation.

TPMS also offers personal Mentoring to develop strong personal and work lives.

The purpose of TPMS is the glory of Christ through lives and relationships transformed by the grace of God found in the cross of Jesus Christ.


When you are caught in conflict with others, a conflict coach helps you respond in a God-glorifying, transformative way towards the other, a way that serves peace.

When you are caught in conflict with others, a mediator helps both of you work together toward genuine personal reconciliation, and the resolution of any practical issues.

Conflict in marriage is especially hard. If there is conflict in your marriage, a mediator will help you both work together toward reconciliation, and wherever possible, the restoration of your relationship.

The Bible, wielded by the Spirit of God, convicts and brings deep change in people’s lives. TPMS offers sound, experienced and prayerful bible teaching. TPMS also offers some training for groups and leaders using the Peacemaker Ministries DVD course ‘Reconciling Everyday Conflict’.

In the varied seasons of life, a mentor is someone you can ask to walk with you for a time. Working on your own objectives, a mentor brings skills, tools and reflection to help you step forward wisely and productively.

What is it about? “Still in its infancy, Christian conciliation is an emerging field conceived by the Christian Legal Society in the nineteen eighties in the US, and birthed through Peacemaker Ministries in the nineteen nineties (also in the US). Growing throughout the world, churches, ministries, and individuals – heeding the call to become peacemakers…

“I am pleased to recommend David Coy for any position that involves guiding people in conflict to seek reconciliation based on a biblical model of peacemaking.”

Wendy K, PeaceWise Ambassador