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Meet David Coy

David is married with four adult daughters (now also married). Born and raised in various country towns (attending Presbyterian churches) around NSW, he came to the city to study engineering at university.

David gave his life to Christ during high school. He grew significantly as a Christian during his time at University and, after a brief time as an engineer, went to study at Moore Theological College, Sydney. He developed extensive experience in his work as an Anglican minister in various parts of Sydney and the Illawarra. He also worked for a time as an independent church planter in a country town in NSW.

David has developed a passion for Biblical peacemaking, with extensive training through PeaceWise Australia and experience gained within his parish and around Sydney.

David has also trained (separately) as a mentor, in the model of John Mark Ministries, through Aedifica & Sally Jones Mentoring. David is convinced of the great value to a person of having a someone walk with them, whether for a shorter or longer time, to help them as they seek to develop their lives, relationships and ministries

Turning Point Ministry Services (TPMS) serves the gospel of Jesus Christ by serving those who minister the gospel, whether individuals, couples, teams, churches, or Christian organisations.

TPMS brings Biblical principles, convictions and skill to conflict resolution and marriage reconciliation.

TPMS also offers personal Mentoring to develop strong personal and work lives.

The purpose of TPMS is the glory of Christ through lives and relationships transformed by the grace of God found in the cross of Jesus Christ.